Zeki Yucel

Zeki Yucel – вицепрезидент на IAFP (Международната асоциация на мебелните издания) и главен координатор в EKIN Publishing Group за членството на MD в IAFP

As known, the objective of IAFP is not the quantity of the members but their qualities. That’s why we are really selective for new members. Even though Bulgaria seems to be a small country, the furniture industry is really improving and you have a good show in Sofia. Furthermore your magazines are really good ones not only in terms of representing the market but also in terms of its design.I really appreciate the vision and mission of your publishing group and its magazines. I believe that our alliance we’ll be more comprehensive globally with our Bulgarian member. Expecting your close cooperation and contribution to the alliance in its  future projects, once more I’m celebrating you !

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