Te Uru – Waitakere Contemporary Gallery. The connection between two worlds

The modifying power of modern architecture can hardly be better illustrated by the achievement of Mitchell&Stout Architects. Rising daringly above the surrounding buildings, the new gallery in Titirangi transforms completely the atmosphere in the south western district of Auckland, New Zealand. Getting inspiration from the values that the local society holds, the New Zealand studio renovated the old building of Lopdell House Art Gallery by adding a newly-built extension with contrasting style and design. The two spaces are connected with several bridges in the air and visually through a multitude of showcases and open spaces that open the interior towards the beautiful plain at Manukau Harbour. The aluminium navy blue façade welcomes the visitors to the Uru – Waitakere gallery

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even from the street and the impressive yellow winding staircase takes them into the spacious exhibition halls on the upper floors. Each space has its individuality and the hall with the highest ceiling has a large-scale textile diffuser dispersing natural daylight in the hall.

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