Ruetemple – “Interior for students”

Although the name of the project sounds grim, the interior for students created by Ruetemple is anything but dull. In their attempt to resolve the complex task related to the wishes of two students – a brother and a sister – the Moscow-based architectural studio created an unorthodox living area suitable for studying and relaxing.

The two different children, their different needs and interests can be observed in the interior concept. The static features of the study area on the first floor is opposed to the dynamic playground which is also connected with the bedroom on the second floor. Natural daylight penetrates each corner of the children’s home thanks to the net ceiling and the modular shelves are also the staircase.

The most intriguing part of the “Interior for children” presents an interplay between static and dynamic features. The three black modules with wheels can be positioned differently to provide additional space for bedroom, rest area, more private space for guests etc. This way the house can change and provide enough challenges for the adventurous character of its young dwellers.

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