Design with lasting value – Naoto Fukasawa

To create product design means shaping values that people have and share with each other. This is how Naoto Fukosawa’s approach with which he successfully moves consumers can be described. His ability to give these values a material form which can be felt with all our senses, makes his designs universal character which is not affected by time and geographic limitations.

Fukasawa’s attempt to relate the consumer with the object at a covert and subconscious level can be observed in his “Without a Thought” tactics. The concept of extracting valuable advice from people’s natural behaviour and use them in form-building has been recognized worldwide. In his lectures and open workshops the Japanese classic tries to pass his wisdom to his audience.

Fukasawa works efficiently with leading European companies and shares his experience with Japanese producers with consultations. His creative enthusiasm and insight go beyond design and he becomes a valuable advisor for a number of producers. By evaluating their corporate

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strategy he guides them how to improve their products and the quality of their work – a path the public has recently taken. His advice contribute to the development of their social responsibility and product positioning and take the business to sustainable and successful results.

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