It’s all about the concept

Rent or buy a suitable place for retail shop, make it smaller and more compact, add two tablespoons of exclusivity, a cup of attractive and cozy interior, a handful herb viagra review of strong personality, put all this in a beautiful urban area and you will have a concept store. So, what is a concept store? It is a shop that sells a carefully curated selection of products that connect to an overarching theme. The problem with terms like this is that they often get misappropriated, first by retailer and than by customers. Suddenly every store is either claiming to be, or described as a concept store. Actually these stores mix good design and exhibition center, and absolutely follow and express the identity of the brand / owner, online canadian pharmacy which almost always is out of the well-known commercial cialis coupon code visions and practices. Behind the worldwide success of the concept stores stands the peculiarity of selling not just unique products, but offering a unique shopping experience – one that will make you come back, again and again. The interior of these attractive urban locations bursts personality from floor to roof, and speaks directly to customers ‘Look at me, I’m unique!’, and giving them the chance to not only buy design items, but enable them to rediscover themselves through another’s design philosophy. Here are some of the most impressive interiors of concept stores in the world.

Couleur Locale, Berlin “Bring the world into your home”, that’s the most of this stylish and ecletic concept store. In fact Couleur Locale offers unique items, unusual things, weathered, used, recycled, handcrafted spotted in different places around the world: absolute shopping palette for travelling dreamers.

Pan After, Melbourne Most of the products that you can find inside Pan After are absolutely individual and unique, collected in Africa, Cambodia, India and Mexico. This multicultural combination is part of the special collaboration between the owners and their previously developed styles – Mandy Munro (Tractor Home) and Foebe Munro (After Store).

Monologue, London Interior designer Pavel Klimczak opened this concept store in September 2014, bringing together unique pieces from all over the world. Klimczak’s love of good design and light make it impossible to walk out of Monologue empty-handed.

Tas-ka, Hague If you’re going to The Hague, make sure to visit Tas-ka – design studio that designs beautiful fabrics they use for furniture, pillows, tea towels and posters. Also they gathered great brands to work with as well. Like Hay, Marimekko, Mum and Dad Studio.

BLESS HOME, Berlin This shop founded by the Berlin based label( Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag) embodies the typical brand style and perception of beauty and convenience. At the same time the space is a regular apartment in which every Tuesday and Friday everyone can stop by for a cup of tea with the residents, read a book on the balcony or just rest on the hammock while discovering design items.

Look forward to MD’s concept stores selection – part 2 soon!

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