The founder of industrial design

The man, who shaped the profession of industrial designer the way we know it today, is called Raymond Loewy. Exceptionally talented, with amazing flair for business and natural gift for persuasion, he brought about a real revolution in industry during the 30s of the last century. His brilliant career developed in the USA where Raymond Loewy, born in Paris in 1893, moved after the end of World War I. After working for a few years as an artist for the fashion magazines Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and as a window designer for the big stores in New York, he was commissioned the order that would change his life. In 1929 Sigmund Gestetner, a British manufacturer of mimeograph machines assigned him the task to improve the design of his duplicating machines. It took the 28-year-old Loewy three days to design the shell that has covered the Gestetner mimeograph machines over the next 40 years and promoted the profession which was to change the outlook of thousands of objects Americans use dialy.

More about this legend read in issue 1 for 2017.

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