Krasimit Kapitanov: “Designer of the year” from Dibla Design Awards

Krasimir Kapitanov is a name that you are surely familiar with if you are a fan of quality and stylish interior solutions. The talented designer was born in 1968 and  graduated from the National Academy of Arts under Prof. Svetlin Rusev, specialty “Painting”, but his true passion are the public interiors. His successful projects are reflected in a number of the most respected specialized editions. Krasi’s undisputed talent and professionalism are trusted by a number of well-known brands, as well as a number of well-known domestic competitions to which he is invited to participate as a jury. For four years Krasi Kapitanov is a special guest lecturer at the NBU Sofia, Design Department. In 2014, he received the Man of the 21st Century Award in the category of Creative Thinking personally by the Vice President of Bulgaria – Mrs. Margarita Popova. In the Dibla Design Awards 2017, the national competition for interior design organized by Dibla platform, Krasi is a finalist in the category “Night Club” and winner in the category “Restaurant” and in 2018 deservedly won the recognition “Designer of the Year “.

• Every year, your designs receive awards from the Dibla Design Awards competition. Did you expect this year to win the “Designer of the Year” recognition?

I will be completely frank and answer with yes! I sincerely hoped, I wanted it, and I did my best to make it happen. I participated with three completed projects in the competition and I dare say that each of them could be the winner of the different categories. I am completely satisfied with the awards! That’s what I wrote on my official page. This is my last presence in the contest part of the Platform. There is nothing else I want. I would like to see other colleagues enjoy their success.

• What is your overall assessment of the projects participating in the Dibla Design Awards and how do you see the development of the Bulgarian interior design as a whole?

As in the past two years, the level of the contestants is undoubtedly high.

Regarding the development of the Bulgarian interior design I think it has long been at European level. What I wish to all my colleagues and myself is besides European to make it even more recognizable, Bulgarian.

• You are also a lecturer in design; share your teaching perspective with us.

As far as my teaching activity is concerned, I will answer this to you: It is the happiest and most meaningful part of everything I have done in a professional way. The objects are fleeting, the messages remain forever in the hearts of the young, if you can touch them, of course!

• Do you think it is important to have a platform such as Dibla and why?

Definitely yes! There is no other format that is capable of showing such a spectacular reality in Bulgarian design. No one has been able to publish compelling annual catalogs like yours to describe history events responsibly. Last but not least, the human factor. Besides the professional opportunity to communicate with representatives of Bulgarian and world brands, the platform created a friendly, fair climate between ourselves! This is your greatest credit from my point of view.

• How would you determine success in your industry?

Success for me is a complete feeling. To a great extent, it is a state of spirit, but I will answer this way: If you can only do what you want. Doing it the way you want, and the people who worked with you are happy – that in all likelihood means that you have succeeded.

• What can we expect from your next projects and creative plans?

I’m just about to go into my “mature period.” I will surprise you for many years, be sure. Here and outside the country. Some of the surprises are already a fact and I look forward to seeing them in your next Annual Catalog.

• What is important for you to have a good interior design?

Besides the obligatory aesthetic, functional, ergonomic and any other similar qualities, the good interior for me must have a soul! To have its own unique design and human traits exposed in an unfamiliar context!

Making a good public interior for me is more than just doing some beautiful things.

The good public interior clearly expresses the position of the author! It provokes, sends messages, changes criteria, opens new opportunities!

It influences and changes people, which is a huge privilege and responsibility!

What would you like to wish to the contestants and the organizers?

Do not lose the spark and be yourself!

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