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Fabrizio Todeschini, Edimotion*

BuzziBracks,  design Alain Gilles for BUZZI SPACE
An architectural system that allows to create areas of work, focus, or relaxation in open-plan environments, which can be continuously re-created to serve a variety of everyday needs. Featuring 

For some time, we’ve been going to Orgatec, the most noteworthy trade exhibition, dedicated to work environments, in Europe and surely one of the most influential in the world. After this year, in Cologne, we are absolutely certain that the way we work and live has changed drastically. Based on new trends, working wherever and with whomever in conditions of maximum comfort has become a must.

Coworking spaces, where people from different realities work side by side, thus become places that satisfy a range of needs and requirements, with lounge areas for holding informal meetings or just working on your laptop, quiet rooms, providing necessary privacy, and break rooms, which can transform to serve a variety of purposes, depending on the occasion. Places inspiring communication and collaboration in an increasingly informal, inclusive style. In this scenario, the personal cubicle seems to disappear in order to make room for flexible offices featuring large tables and lockers, in which the freedom to move about the space is guaranteed by virtue of the absence of fixed workstations.

Soft Work , design Barber & Osgerby for VITRA
Seating system that converts into a workstation; versatile and modular platform that can be easily assembled in different formats and fitted with tables, dividing panels, power outlets, and charging stations, facilitating independent work and teamwork in the office or in public spaces.

Ares, design Sezgin Aksu (Studio Aksu/Suardi) for ADDO
Versatile and elegant executive desks system. The table top turns on a pivot around the storage cabinet, creating different configurations and adapting to the space. The legs, which are counter-posed and unconnected, transmit an image of solidity. The table top is available in different materials: from glass, wood veneer, leather upholstery or a lacquered finish.

Maximum flexibility and the ability to change quickly have been important characteristics for years now, but today they have become indispensable. Likewise, it has become indispensable to work surrounded by furnishings so warm and comforting they could have been stolen from home.

Numerous upholstered elements made of warm-coloured fabrics and wooden structures seem to take the place of the traditional metal-framed desk chairs in the office scene, higher performing and more ergonomic, yet simplified and with a more welcoming look. But the stand-out feature at this year’s fair is its acoustic solutions: from upholstered objects and elements to perfectly soundproofed cubicles and rooms ideal for finding a bit of privacy, making phone calls, or holding small, important meetings.

Sitzbock and Landing, design RSW for WILKHAHN
To foster a team spirit and encourage staff to interact we need areas that surprise, arouse curiosity and are attractive in the long term. The pommel horse seat enables a variety of different casual postures. The modular and sound absorbent wall relief creates a welcoming atmosphere to perch and chat.

Acoustic booth designed for 4-6 people to co-create, do brainstorming and have meetings. The sound insulation system guarantees that meetings don’t disturb who stays at the office, and the office noise don’t disturb people inside the booth.

In this new work culture, it is also not surprising to find more and more outdoor furniture companies since, if you can work anywhere, you can also work outside, as long as the spaces are adequately equipped.

Thus emerges an office that feels good to be in; more welcoming, creative, informal, but, above all, a space which places the undisputed focus on those who experience it!

We present the main concepts that emerged at Orgatec 2018, demonstrating the evolution of the way we work and, consequently, of modern work environments.

Check out the whole article in MD issue 4/18.



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