Excuse My French!

A few days remain until the latest edition of the biggest French furniture show “Maison & Objet” which will be held between 18 and 22 January 2019. Sebastian Herkner is chosen for Designer of the year and the provocative theme of the event is “Excuse My French!”. The chosen theme may have a humorous note to it, but it takes a very serious look at the reasons behind  the revived interest in France. “There’s a renewed curiosity about the French, a sort of fascination at the moment”, asserts Vincent Grégoire, the main curator of the show. In his view, this attraction is related to the increasing globalization. “In a world where things are becoming standardised, people are looking for something different”, he continues.
In January 2019, Maison & Objet celebrates not only l’exception française, but also the re-emergence of the country of Molière on the international scene. And where better to do that than at a quintessentially Parisian trade fair devoted to decoration, design and lifestyle? The 2019 Forum encapsulates the phenomenon with a handpicked selection of products that embody the new Gallic spirit. International visitors are offered the opportunity to discover new French brands and designers, while locals can get a better idea how best to benefit from the “Made in France” fad.

The spotlight is cast on 4 different areas:
- A whole array of small manufacturers and producers(or petites maisons) which reinvigorates traditional skills in their limited collections.
- The strong French technology industry also plays its part. Let’s not forget that Paris is home to the world’s largest start-up campus, Station F.
- There is also a new cosmopolitan generation(a “nouvelle vague”) of creatives, who combine classic French chic with influences from other cultures and traditions.
- A sense of daring has always been an integral part of French elegance and a group of designers are making their mark with a style that could best be described as “Classic With A Twist”. Their work is multifaceted, sometimes even surreal, but certainly original. As we know even the most classical symbols of French chic, such as Brigitte Bardot or Coco Chanel’s little black dress, were initially seen as shocking.
So let’s meet at the M&O in January!  Vive le style français!

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