The main mission of the national competition, Dibla Design Awards, is to reflect and embody the development of Bulgarian interior design, as well as to provide a decent scene of the best local projects. This year, the “Public Interior” section again attracted a great deal of attention from participants and audiences. The constantly growing interest in good interior in the public sector solutions clearly speaks for the large number of categories that in 2018 were six – Night Club, Restaurant / Bar Restaurant, Hotel, Sports / Beauty and Spa, , “Office / Work Environment” and “Store / Exhibit Area”.

The public interior has always posed a double challenge to the designer – the result should not only respond to current trends and apply the latest technology, but also attract customers, intriguing them with their uniqueness and distinctive features. Dibla Design Award-winning projects bring additional prestige and popularity to the author and attract the interest of customers to the public place itself, placing it in front of its competitors.

The successful ones deserved to win first place are:
• “Night club”  – Chavdar Todorov

•  “Restaurant / Bar-Restaurant” – Stephen George International

• “Hotel” – Eyal Tahoor

• “Sports / Beauty and Spa” – Megi Ilieva

• “Office / Work Environment”  – Cache Atelier

• “Shop / Exhibit Area”  – Cityscape Architects

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