IFFS 2019: Design hub in the Singapore’s heart

Following our teaser for the upcoming Singapore International Furniture Show, it is our turn to share our impressions of the event. Even before landing in the city, our team had prepared ourselves for  something really special. And our expectations were fully justified.


Singapore is a city-state that metaphorically hugs you. The IFFS organization is more than correct from start to finish, and we are convinced that this applies not only to the media teams, but to their attitude towards anyone who wants to visit and explore the exhibition. The modernization, the high level of urban infrastructure and the social openness of the Singapore’s residents make a good impression in an instance. Moreover,  this is one of the most developed cities in the world and the most expensive according to the latest statistics.  And many more “the most” that stand out directly and indirectly in the vision and  the  program of IFFS 2019.


Our team was eager to visit the new location of the event –  Sands Expo and Convention Center in Singapore’s most iconic Marina Bay Sands building. Undoubtedly a number of visitors to the city come each year only to stand before the impressive body of the building and immortalize the moment in the picture. You can learn more about the building in our previous post or the next BBC’s reportage below.

Placed into 2 levels in a total of 6 rooms, the IFFS 2019 remains the key to Asia’s international trading portal, and its new location is also becoming a highly appreciated design hub  in the heart of the central business district of the capital. This first-class venue will preserve the current wave of sales and buyers, and will attract a new international audience.

But not only that was new during the show. The theme of this year’s edition was UrbanAsia – The Future of Urban Life. What a perfect topic to be discussed especially in Asia during  one of the most prominent exhibitions that is happening in one of the most popular cities in the world. IFFS 2019 worked closely with leaders in the Asian and global furniture industry to offer design solutions that will transform the common “tomorrow” into something better.

Singapore is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to innovations. The World Bank famously named it  “the easiest place to do business”. Singapore’s history as an independent state is only 50 years old and yet today it has proven to be a hub for modern business innovations. Walking in the business center , the much non-Asian presence quickly emerged in front of your eyes, which means that apart from high prices, the city definitely offers much much more worth investing in. Undoubtedly, the reasons for this reality are many. But one of them is the hospitable business approach. Currently, Singapore is the most developed economic country in Southeast Asia. If initially the goals were mainly to provide new jobs, more international presence and export-oriented production, this city-state is now focusing on innovation.

With a shift to a central location, IFFS has also spared no efforts to provide a more holistic experience for our trade visitors, including new, exclusive privileges. Trade visitors can now enjoy exclusive discounts at selected dining establishments and tourists’ attractions, to further enrich their visit.


Speaking of innovation in the Design STARS panel, 11 young designers from Singapore, East Africa, Japan, Taiwan and Vietnam, were shown along with their products. Most of them presented innovative ways to process materials and unusual but original design products for the home.

Meanwhile, visitors could also enjoy the SOUL (Showcase on Urban Living) – a well-crafted selection of innovative brands that keep up with the latest trends in hectic urban life. Nex-Gen Urban Living Showcase, the hub of Singapore furniture brands that go beyond form and function, was organised by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council. The collective showcase seeks to cater to the needs of urban dwellers and provides an opportunity to experience tailored to their evolving lifestyles.


In 2018, Singapore gained even greater popularity among the diverse public  all around the world thanks to the cinema hit “Crazy Rich Asians”. The profitable film project was innovation in itself, as it was the first full-English-language-Asian-cast  film produced by Hollywood studio. And if you’re wondering what does the movie blockbuster have to do with Design? The answer is again – good business opportunities. IFFS2019 lounge showcases the exquisite pieces by Sam and Sara that appeared in the 2018 romantic comedy, Crazy Rich Asians, which act as an art gallery for trade visitors and also provided a platform for business discussions.


In the first half of March, Singapore offers more design opportunities. SINGAPLURAL is an event accompanying the Singapore Design Week from 5 to 18 March. It included a number of installations, lectures and discussions. From March 8th to March 10th, anyone was invited to go on an exciting tour of the famous Bukit Pasoh Road, where design workshops and interactive works could be found.

Our team truly recommend IFFS 2019, organized by the ASEAN Furniture Show (IFFS / AFS) and NOOK Asia, as an event that has to be a must in the festival calendar of everyone in the furniture industry.
Keep track of the next edition of the event at www.IFFS.com.sg


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