Czechoslovak design from EXPO 1958 to Occupation 1968

What does “Brussels” style look like will be the one of the focus theme of the upcoming ”One Day in Czechoslovakia – Czechoslovak design from EXPO 1958 to Occupation 1968’’ exhibition in the Czech Center on April 24th at 6 pm. Bestsellers of Czechoslovak product design – seating furniture, lightings, household appliances, glass products, etc., will be available until May 23, 2019. Not to be missed are the objects inspired by the capture of the cosmos during this period, such as the emblematic “Pluto’’ and “Jupiter’” vacuum cleaners, the metal toys in the form of lunokhods, missiles and spacecrafts.

Chair T3  by Miroslav Navratil, Czechoslovakia, 1960s

The “One Day in Czechoslovakia” exhibition presents the ideas of the best Czechoslovak artists, although they are all part of a serial production well known and accessible at that time.

The exhibition was realized by the Czech Center together with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sofia and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Sofia.

MD recommends – It’s a must!

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