PRINTREVIEW: The new DIBLA catalog

Keeping the signs of  that most distinguished interior designers leave in one edition is a courageous, difficult, yet sweet and necessary task. Each MD issue represents this process. That is why we appreciate, present and recommend over 280 pages, 12 BG companies and the 35 projects stylishly materialized in the new DIBLA catalog.

Those of you who have already had the pleasure of spreading the pages of the luxurious Catalog of the National Interior Design Platform Dibla know that the annual edition collects and represents the best achievements of Bulgarian interior designers in a catalog with which the whole guild can be proud. Dibla believes that Bulgarian design has much to show the world.

Luxurious hard covers, high-quality paper, professionally captured photos and the most impressive interior design for the past year, awarded at the Dibla Design Awards 2018 – indeed a real treasure. What a nicer gift from “The best of interior design for 2018″ – an edition that captured the spirit and the aesthetics of the interior design, on its pages you will see the fruits of the work, the talent and the inspiration of the best interior designers in Bulgaria.

The annual catalog has been enjoying an ever-increasing popularity and demand not only among interior design professionals but also among consumers. The luxury catalog is like a time machine – if you missed the most important information about the industry in the past year, including learning about the best interior designs and the latest products and trends, just make a quick reference with the Catalog.

“The Best of the Interior Design for 2018 “is the epitome of Dibla‘s mission to encourage artists to create, to develop, to enjoy their success – materialized and dignified in an edition from the level of the Annual Catalog.

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