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When communicating with each other, planned or spontaneously, something exciting happens. New ideas are born and creative thoughts become reality. We see things from different points of view, we share solutions, and help others to solve problems. With a well-zoned room and co-operation spaces, a flexible and functional work environment can be created.

The main concept of the collection is a modular and flexible system whose functions and parts can be combined according to the needs of the people, the conditions and the space. ” We have created the building blocks and options; Now the architect can step in and use these as a basic for designing high-quality functional workspaces. “ – explains the creator of the collection, Olle Gyllang from PROPELLER DESIGN AB.

You can attach a noteboard on the back of the furniture, which predisposes for quick creative meetings with colleagues. Add some green plants to break the atmosphere and to bring coziness.

During the working day we carry out many different activities. Now with the technology help, we can do it wherever we want, increasing the need for individual working spaces I furniture that can offer such possibilities with an ease. Fields delivers fast changes and versatile options to suit users’ needs – from having a cup of coffee in a calm morning atmosphere to holding a conference call without interfering with the whole team in the room.

It is when we work together, and share our computer screens and ideas, that we solve problems and make progress. These places need to be able to converse in peace and quiet. But also the practical environment we need to carry out our tasks efficiently. Screens, sofas and tables give us functionality and privacy so that we can focus. But we still have an openness and proximity to other colleagues, who we can invite in to participate if necessary. All in the service of an active working climate where everyone feels part of the process.

You can discover the Fields collection in person at Kinnarps Bulgaria’s newly-developed showroom in Sofia on 9 Arsenalski Blvd. The brand stands for its leading position in the production of high-end office furniture, distinguished by quality solutions for healthier, happier and more productive work environment, which actually means more successful and more sustainable business. Kinnarps is currently one of the largest manufacturers of interior solutions for the workspace in Europe. The company’s sales are made in about 40 countries. Kinnarps was founded in 1942 by Jarl and Evy Andersson. Even today it is a 100% family business.

Photos: Kinnaprs

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