THE BED: The most important convenience in the hotel room

When we talk about guests’ comfortable stay in modern hotels, we actually always mean the bed, in which we rest and can relax completely. It is the bed that has the key role in guaranteeing the successful design of a functional and comfortable hotel interior.

A study, carried out by Gallup in 2015, showed that the majority of the respondents say that the comfortable bed is the most important convenience in the hotel room, ignoring even the Internet connection and good service.

Some of the challenges that the production of specialized sleep systems face are related to providing maximum comfort and aesthetics combined with coziness and durability and strength.

TED is one of the brands that builds traditions in specialized sleep systems. Their portfolio includes one of the top products preferred in hotel furnishing – box-spring beds. These are multi-layer sleep systems featuring alternating layers of materials with different density and a multitude of reinforced points which guarantee extremely precise support and relaxing surface. TED is the first company to start producing box-spring beds, which are the trade mark of luxury hotels in Western Europe and the USA.

The high orthopaedic quality is a key feature of any good mattress, but TED’s hybrid models combine all this with the soft surface without tension and friction. The guests’ comfort and pleasure are further complemented with products like Favourite Nova Orthopedic mattress and i-Springs pillow – which the company in collaboration with independent laboratories and agencies has registered as medical products.

To design sleep products manufacturers are constantly looking for innovations and a way to improve comfort. Lying down and falling asleep is not just a biological need in today’s stressful daily routine. TED’s portfolio includes a variety of pillows, allowing personalized choice, mattresses with 4 levels of firmness and bed linen from entirely natural fabrics – everything needed to fully relax and recharge.


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