Selecting the good examples in Design and Architecture is our primary task. Often 120 pages 4 times a year are not enough to share everything that gets our attention. In this detective spirit, we present you #MDmeets –  special video series  of #OutOfPrint meetings with some talented, successful, curious and recognizable artists, who we provoked into a Summer blitz capturing their style, thinking and creative intensity.

We like to “lay comfortably” at Designitsa. What do we mean? Imagine that there is a place somewhere online and every time you “enter” into it, you feel super comfortable, while you are presented with a glimpse of all leading design trends at the moment, with a pinch of minimalism and a great dose of positive thought about Nature. A place where the vision of the perfect home, even the perfect workplace or paradise hotel, draws with every click you make: how to embrace design imperfections according to the Wabi-Sabi philosophy; which plants are best for the bedroom and how to arrange them according to the furnishing; why you should take an eye on all those houses with geodesic domes, how the multicolored floral wallpapers took the design show again; etc…. We told you – that place has a cozy, stylish, meaningful, professional and somehow…. trully inspiring aura! The same is for their creators – Victoria, Marietta and Pavlina who we invited for our video blitz series “MD meets…”

The trio of young architects and designers started Designitsa as a “platform for interior design, creative ideas and inspirations”, refined through their worldview, personal and professional pursuits and experiences. Both in the site and in the blitz, their affinity for Japanese and Scandinavian influence in Design and the sustainable and environmentally friendly production is evident.

The chosen online format of the platform and the maintained communication with the audience impress not only with the presented content but also with their overall graphic vision. The creators also offer a variety of interior services, such as: designing homes, pubs, offices and retail projects, consulting, as well as designing / manufacturing custom furniture.

This turns Designitsa into not just a design platform, but a design studio that uses the mass media to its advantage with a well prepared and evolving business model. So just follow them >>>  Facebook / Instagram

We wish them success and thank them for their interesting answers and a positive outlook on the future of Design that they shared!

BONUS: Make sure to check out the ECO SHOP section at the site where you will find great reusable water bottles, furniture made from natural materials and textiles.

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