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The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home and there is no doubt about it. An intimate dinner, a quick breakfast with a cup of coffee in hand, a big cheerful dinner with friends, a cozy weekend with a cup of hot chocolate … whatever the idea of having a good time at home it has to do with our kitchen. The team of HAMEFA completes a kitchen project almost every week.

In some of the projects they renovate and refresh the kitchen furnishing, because after 20 years it is morally and visually obsolete, and their clients want to use all the modern elements, mechanisms and functionalities of contemporary design. In most cases, the kitchen is part of the complete design of a brand new home that the designers create, which allows Hamefa to bring the whole home’s vision together under one theme.

Whatever the case may be, they go all the way from design, through creation and visualization, to production and installation with their clients, trying to advise them against errors and give them as much information as possible to satisfy them, to make them feel comfortable at home and be able to make full use of all the functionality it represents. In this context, Hamefa summarized some of the leading kitchen trends to assist you in the choice of furniture and specialists in the future.

White clean surfaces

Whether because of our desire for cleanliness in the kitchen or because it looks more spacious, the white color is very used in the kitchen and maybe in 50% of the cases we make cabinets with white doors. Adding friezes and frames allows us to add uniqueness to the kitchen or give it a vintage vision. If we combine white with a gray cold kitchen countertop or tiles, our kitchen has a more sophisticated and refined style. When combined with an oak top and back, we get a completely different look – warm and cozy.

Wooden countertop

Oak wood countertops are very popular, they combine well with the whiteness of the kitchen, making them much more warm. These types of countertops are treated with special varnishes to resist moisture. In addition, the countertop implies a pleasant combination and breaking of the lines, as repeating the selected material and finish for the doors of the upper cabinets and the dining table.

Engineered stone countertop

If we want to give a more modern look to the kitchen or to combine the kitchen with the industrial style of the rest of our home, a engineered stone countertop is a very good choice. It combines the look and feel of natural materials with more functionality and durability. The variety of colors allows us to give the feeling we want. Very preferred for island coverage.

Metal and wood

The combination of two natural materials allows us to emphasize the beauty of both. Oak is a material that any connoisseur of beautiful furniture would choose for his or her home. However, in order not to look retro, we can choose a combination of dark oak and dark almost black surfaces made of natural stone and metal, which makes our kitchen look very modern and blend easily with other furniture in the interior. Particularly sophisticated this combination seems to be for dining tables where the beautiful oak top stands on a solid metal base.

The island

There is no housewife who does not dream of a kitchen with an island. Of course, space does not always allow one, but when you have it, make sure to include it in the project. The modern solutions require you to position the sink or the hotplate on the island, making them the center of the kitchen. However, this also requires a special type of absorber. In most cases, the island has a bar chairs which make that island a perfect extra table for breakfast or a place to sit and chat with the person preparing the dinner.

Extra countertops

However, we do not always have a place for a huge island or a large countertop for cooking, and no matter how spacious our kitchen is, we never get enough. That is why it is important to be able to create additional space. For this purpose, there are mechanisms that allow us to pull and remove countertops and tables, which creates a lot of extra space. Be sure to discuss with your designer all the options for mechanisms, drawers, and cabinets or to make the island even more functional, for example.

The winery

Ideally, all wine lovers dream of a separate room with the right temperature for their wines, but since it is a rare thing to have one, it’s great when they can make a place to store them at least. This automatically implies a mood for gathering with friends or romantic dinners in front of the fireplace. That is why, at the first opportunity, we try to make room for the favorite wine either on the island or as a tall cabinet, which is an integral part of the kitchen. Wine coolers are also very preferred if you can make room for positioning them.

Open shelves

At first glance, they are not as functional because they collect dust and everything is open and on display. But with the right arrangement and choice of accessories, they give a very pleasant coziness and create a lighter design that does not bound us from all sides. And why hiding all the sweets, coffee and sugar cups we brought from our travels around the world. Plate racks are also something you can afford if your kitchen is made of solid wood.

Hidden cabinets and mechanisms

Most of the kitchens are L-shaped or U-shaped, suggesting that there are places in the corners that are difficult to reach. Fortunately, there are many new mechanisms that allow full rotation and removal of several surfaces. This makes it possible to absorb all corners of the kitchen. We all have a problem collecting all jars of delicious sweets, honey and spices. To do this, you can get a tall and narrow pull-out cabinet that will be an integral visual part of the kitchen, but will allow you to gather everything too.

Tall dining room cabinet

It combines with the kitchen, also has its own beauty and at the same time is a separate emphasis in the kitchen. You can also apply some eclecticism in which this cabinet is in a completely different furniture style. A great place to store formal plates, decoration, or less commonly used utensils. The principle behind these cabinets is that they have open shelves and others that are closed with glass doors, so you will have all sorts of storage space.

Glass doors

Like grandma? Yes but no. We use them in so many of our projects and they look great. They combine the lightness of the open shelves, but hide part of the visible surface to show only silhouettes. In addition, there are many options for frosting and tinted windows, and the glass frame can be combined with the countertop or the dining table, bringing everything together into one theme.

Built-in appliances throughout the wall of cabinets

In modern kitchens, this is more than a must. The integration of all appliances makes the kitchen visually complete and allows for the best use of the place and the design line.

Hidden handles

When you lean against the countertop, you don’t want to feel a handle. If you want a clean surface and enjoy its pure natural beauty, rely on more integrated pulls and handles. This will give cleanliness to the furniture lines.

You can check out Hamefa‘s portfolio according to the current 2019 trends &styles  at www.hamefa.com

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