The creative harmony between them is evident from the way they finish their sentences to the shared spirit that is evident in their words, while telling us about the specifics of their own latest interior project. Their specialty is office spaces that strive to design in connection to the latest technological capabilities without putting boundaries to the creative thinking with specific design trends to follow.

We present you Maria Bozveliiska and Svetlomir Kolev from the Bulgarian studio Workbox.
We have “sealed” our meeting with them in a special “MD meets…” edition, for which we collaborate with the National Interior Design Platform Dibla presenting the upcoming Dibla Design Awards 2019.

She is a financier with an experience as a manager and he has a background mix of interior design, animation and architecture. They shared their formula about how the pragmatic financial matter is intertwined with the creative free spirit, how much she brings him back down to earth, and  how he inspired her… An office interior project happened to be the occasion of their new beginning as a team and at the same time, the meaning behind their name – “Workbox”. Since then, they have also found an original way of creating some kind of work box in any office they have designed, as a sign of their specific style.

Their concept for a modern office is a “work space with life”. A dynamic, flexible environment that is driven primarily by functionality. That is why they talk so heatedly about the interaction with company managers who neglect the functional development of the working environment and often count only on interior renovations that actually don’t solve the present problems and needs at all. We understand their point of view even better when they give us VR goggles which they constantly use to present the interior solutions to the clients. And…WE ARE IN! We materialize in their realized office project Z-light / Infotel. We visit  conference rooms, walking in open spaces that are so challenging for every design team, we even enter the kitchen and imagine the morning caffee gatherings, while Maria and Svetlomir list us some specific moments of the design process: choosing the right materials and shapes for the perfect soundproofing effect, selecting furniture and lighting in favor of the health of the workers, the refusal of the “cheap” at the expense of the “quality” and the obligatory study of the internal company processes and specifics before the start of actual design creation.

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Using virtual reality is already a regular practice for Workbox, as they have become convinced that VR takes the relationship between designers and investors to a higher level, giving clients a better idea of the project being presented and whether the proposed solutions match their requirements and desires.

This year, DIBLA nominated Workbox in the “Office Space of the Year” category of the Dibla Design Awards for their office project “Dais Software”, which you can check out HERE.
16 experienced Bulgarian and foreign designers, architects, lecturers at prestigious schools in Europe will have the difficult task of rate the submitted projects for the competition. This time, among them, we also find real worldwide stars in the industry. Which projects attracted the attention of the famous and provocative Karim Rashid, Federico Delrosso (one of the ten contemporary designers who changed the world) and Attila Veres(a Romanian product designer who worked for a BMW)? What do the head of the Master’s program in interior design at Domus Academy, Hasegawa Aoy and FESPA President, Christian Dukartyou think about the level of design in Bulgaria? All of them have the difficult task of independently price the submitted projects in the sections “Residential interior” and “Public Interior”, giving importance to the overall impact, integrity and originality. Traditionally, the winners will be announced at the lavish official awards ceremony, which we look forward to on November 21, 2019 at Sofia Event Center, Sofia.

All projects that have reached the jury stage of the Dibla Design Awards 2019 will be published on the pages of the Ceremony’s Album, which falls into the hands of all over 650 special guests of the event – representatives of the Bulgarian business elite and leading media, partners, clients and investors. The best design projects will be listed in the 2019 Annual Best Interior Design Catalog.

Thank you studio Workbox for the pleasant meeting and positivism. Fingers crossed!!!

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