МD meets… Simona Groshevska

A warm smile, a balanced quite tone, short and confident answers … This is how our blitz with eng. designer Simona Groshevska from the Bulgarian studio for interior and product design, SiDesign happened in front of the camera. Once the recording session stopped, everything transformed into an inspiring and vivid story of her personal inspiration, the carbon material, and how impressed she was by the last bamboo-carbon installation by Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma during the London Design Festival and so on… Her hands are constantly moving, her eyes speaks ahead of the voice, and suddenly behind the scenes the short blitz is stretched in a curious conversation about the terrible amount of plastic in our daily lives, the amazing properties and uses of carbon, the good festival examples, the challenges that are waiting for her in distant countries and especially a presentation about her products.
But most importantly, Simona joins the program of the forthcoming 1st edition of BOLD DESIGN WEEK and we find a good opportunity to meet her and present her to you in advance (more about BDW >>> HERE).

МD meets… Simona Groshevska

We introduced her to you for the first time after her success at the INDEX exhibition during the “Middle East Design and Hospitality Week 2019”, which took place this September. It is part of VENTURA PROJECTS- events held in hot design venues such as Milan, Dubai, New York, Berlin, London, etc., with a particular focus on contemporary European design. For her, Ventura’s events are true examples of a well-organized design festivals that Bulgarian reality needs. This is her main motif to join BOLD DESIGN WEEK and we accordingly enjoy the opportunity to see in person the Loop small table (made of metal and cut walnut and marble base), the Help Me table (made of marble base, solid beech wood and metal top) and the Hats off fruit bowl (inox and carbon) from November 25 to December 1 at BOLD SHOWROOM.

Her personal “design start”, Simona describes as strange. As we already know the story, can just add that “strange” is not the right word, maybe “diverse” is more accurate. In 2005 she went to study Cultural Mediation and Communication in Paris. What follows is a difficult period of study and residence in the French capital, or as she calls it, “a path that she had to take” to realize that advertising is not really her passion, but Design. He returned to Bulgaria with a fad for new knowledge and spheres of development, starting her next education not in one but two universities at the same time (University of Forestry – Engineering Design and University of Sofia – Pedagogy with French). The busy daily program motivates her even more. She rediscover design as a tool that can influence people in a positive direction. Simona take the chance with art therapy as well. Already amazed at her diverse interests, Simona surprised us with another one – since the age of 16 she has been professionally involved in photography, which experience proved to be extremely valuable for her design work later. Or as she laughingly states,

“All unrealized artists get to the photography one day.”

As if PR, design, pedagogy and photography were not enough, she decided to graduate “Psychodrama” as well. For a year and a half, yoga has become an important part of her life and the one thing that helps her to unify and balance her commitments. This is how the products that will be shown during BOLD DESIGN WEEK were actually born.

In 2013, she had a chance to join the furniture fair in Milan with the Farfalle series with integrated RGB lights. But she adds with a smile on her face that she really wants to design “something bigger, like a pavilion or even a building, something more challenging.” The truth is that Simona already has a building façade and an interior of a public building in Sofia in her portfolio.  But she dreams for more.
Loaded by her creative power, we eagerly ask her what motivates her to continue to develop in the design industry here in Bulgaria and she replies:

“The opinion that anyone can do it – this is what annoys me the most here. At the same time, people hire an interior designer and start telling him/her what and how to do it. It’s pointless!”

But nevertheless, she concluded positively with the thought that design in Bulgaria “has a blank canvas” ahead in time or in other words – a wide set of opportunities to develop and enrich many more unknown niches.

Join Simona and BDW on November 25th at the BOLD Showroom.

Check the full program at www.boldshowroom.com/bold-design-week

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