МD meets…Desislava Yordanova

The official start of the Bulgarian brand for design lamps, IKIGAI is 2 years ago, when its founder, Desislava Yordanova, left her job in the real estate field and started doing what she really loves. In other words, she fulfilled the dream of every artistic person – to rediscover your hobby in your mission.

Today, we meet her for our blitz rubric “MD meets…” hosted by BOLD SHOWROOM. Why exactly her? Why that place? Because Desy is one of the young Bulgarian artists included in the upcoming BOLD DESIGN WEEK. We can’t wait to see its start on NOVEMBER 25. Check our more exciting details of the grand OPENING >>here<<

Or see the full program of discussions, lectures, creators and events at > www.boldshowroom.com/bold-design-week

Meantime, enjoy the blitz with Desi in our YOUTUBE channel.

Turning back time a little bit, the launch of IKIGAI is actually about 10 years ago when a friend of Desy’s showed her how to make origami. She was amazed at what can be done with a piece of paper, except just fill it with color and shapes. She became also interested in other paper techniques such as kirigami, paper quilling, 3D paper models, dioramas. And the spark ignites – the creative start of a new professional road had been given!

“The biggest challenge is taking the first step, then taking the second and the third, believing that what you love doing is what leads you to the right way.”

Her creative philosophy also predetermines her chosen brand name. The word ikigai is of Japanese origin: iki (生 き) – live and kai (甲 斐) – reason. The accurate translation is difficult as interpretations vary. But for Desy “ikigai” is

“the thing that expresses your passion, mission and profession.”

The embodiment of this thought is the way in which Desy carefully removes one of her lamps from the box to show it to us, in the way she looks pleased when we tell her  that we find it adorable, in her voice, when she is calling us to hold  it for a while and feel how light it really is.

The main material of IKIGAI products is paper that has already been used. This is also one of the brand’s missions – to give new life to something used. The paper is collected, decomposed and modeled in clay-like paste through additional ingredients. It is then laid on a special  structure (skeleton) and after complete drying it is proceeded to manual painting and varnishing. Everything is hand-made. The process takes 7-12 days depending on the size of the product. Each of IKIGAI lamps is made by order, especially for its future owner and home.

Currently, Desy’s attention is focused on creating lighting products, but she leaves the door open to new creative horizons filled with positivism that

“there is a field in Bulgaria for the expression and recognition of designers and creators.” 

To assure of that, we welcome you to see Desy’s products and a whole bunch of young designers during BOLD DESIGN WEEK from November 25th to December 1st.


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