85 years Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard – Vidima celebrates 85 years since its establishment with the official opening of the modernized sanitary fittings factory, the result of the company’s three-year investment program for over BGN 62 million.

The opening guests were Mr. Boyko Borisov, Prime Minister, Mr. Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Prime Minister, the Mayor of the Municipality, Dr. Ivan Ivanov  and Ms. Nevena Petkova, Regional Governor.
The event was opened by Mr. Emil Gatev, director of the sanitary fittings factory of Ideal Standard – Vidima, saying: “I am very happy that we will have a chance to show what we have done. I know this has been a difficult adventure for you, but I also know that we are ready to move forward, build our future and provide this city, this company, with at least 85 more years of life. ”

 ”This discovery is an important page in the 85-year history of Ideal Standard – Vidima. This factory is one of a kind in Bulgaria and is the largest in Europe. The investing will guarantee a long and successful future and this is one of the most important steps to become the best factory in the world. The company created 3,200 work places and invested over 300 million leva. We are grateful to our employees and the local community, the local government and the central administration for the years we work in Bulgaria, ”said Mr. Thorsten Turling, CEO of Ideal Standard Group to the official guests, employees and the media.

“85 years is a decent age, to speak of. If we are talking about a company, if we are talking about a factory, this is to some extent even more challenging because it means that it is a production that has survived through three different systems. And this is a reason for pride! ” -  Mr. Tomislav Donchev, Deputy Prime Minister addressed the employees of Ideal Standard – Vidima and the guests during the celebration in Sevlievo. “The last years in the development of Vidima are the golden years fr the company! Both in terms of production volume and in terms of quality and in terms of export destinations! What goes out of your hands goes to consumers in more than 100 countries. I  want to bring here everyone who sometimes stops me and asks me “why nothing is produced in Bulgaria”, to show them that it is actualy produced in Bulgaria, even more  -  that it is produced with world-class quality. If we are able to survive, if we are able to fight and stay on the world markets, it means that we are not just good, but we are better than others. I am proud, I am from this region, not only of the number of employees, not only of the financial indicators. I am proud of the introduction of advanced technologies and robotics. What I want to say is that apart from the good performance figures, if you look at the data, “Vidima” is a benchmark for corporate social responsibility – sports, culture, healthcare – everything that makes people’s lives better, not just beyond the factory walls, but also outside them. This is a model, which means that Vidima is part of the community. “

During the tour, the official guests were presented with some of the major investments made in the last three years. Modernization is related to the automation of production processes and improvement of working conditions in order to reduce manual labor, increase capacity and competitiveness. Some of the innovations are: high-performance machines in the foundry process; latest generation CNC machines; 22 sanding and relocation robots of 270 machines.

The refurbishment of the factory will increase the capacity to 6.5 million units. Ideal Standard’s investments in the Bulgarian company are over BGN 300 million since 1992. The Bulgarian company employs almost 3,200 people.


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