It started with the team!
Elena graduated in International Relations, EU Project Management and experience in the NGO sector.

Ysen, bachelor of Tourism Management, master degree of Entrepreneurship and more than 10 years in the sales sector.

Iskren with an economic background, experience in starting a company from scratch and a sense of business innovation.

In short – young, creative, innovative, successful people who chose to develop in Bulgaria and who we had the pleasure to meet in person, chat about creativity, entrepreneurship, office interior trends and laugh out loud.
MD meets…ESCREO.

What brought them together is the summer entrepreneurship programme at the most prestigious university in the USA, Babson, where they met in 2013. The first joint business impetus came from Yasen’s memory about their adventure across the ocean and “some crazy people writing on walls”. After an unsuccessful attempt to import the paint they saw there, they decided to create their own. They were lucky to meet the right person for the job and the future fourth cofounding member of the brand, Manol Novakov. His professional experience in paint production and the will of the entire team for innovation gave impulse to a number of product tests, applying for European finance, a lot of determination and consistence and faith that their product is worth it.

ESCREO paint is a two-component water based paint that transforms any smooth surface into a place for writing, drawing and sharing ideas.

ESCREO: We have been lucky because there is no other product like ours on the market. But this is also a challenge because like any innovative company we create something from scratch. We can definitely state that we made writing on walls possible in Bulgaria.

Project: Cache Atelier  / Photo:

Starting from a scratch is a double-edged knife. For this phase of ESCREO‘s brand history, the team recognizes that the responsibility to drive everything is enormous. Very often you do not have the answers to the questions you have raised and act as your inner logic and feeling lead you. And sometimes this leads to wandering and difficult focusing.

ESCREO: The fact that you do everything on the go and you are flexible allows you to adapt, but sometimes it can create chaos and unpredictability in the team. Creating a team and developing it is a challenge in itself.

ESCREO paint is easily customized to suit the needs of the user, saves resources and has the ability to optimize every part of the space, from concrete columns to the surface of the desk. Of course, ESCREO is mainly used in office spaces, but the company also have orders for home interiors.

ESCREO: Black paint imitating the board you write with chalk remains popular at the moment, but we have an alternative – our black ESCREO paint, which uses chalk markers to save you harmful dust particles.

The brand boasts over 2000 customers in Bulgaria and around the world and have more than 50,000 square meters of painted surfaces.
ESCREO is both a complete concept of self-expression and a working tool for interior designers and architects, as well as for managers of companies and agencies who see an urgent need to invest in improving the work environment. The office is an integral part of the company’s DNA, therefore it is distributed not only internally but also externally (passing visitors or interviewed job applicants, media presentations…). The paint of the Bulgarian brand unlocks new functionalities of the surfaces in the interior, turning them into a marketing resource – one that can communicate the company’s values ​​to the employees (employer branding) and attract new staff and attention.
This year, together with the iRchitect, Interior design studio, ESCREO created a great and useful Encyclopedia of the Contemporary Office with helpful tips for designing/renovating a working interior to meet the current design trends and new generation’s needs.

ESCREO: Paint itself creates opportunities. It’s like a white sheet, but larger, empty, and you have the freedom and the ability to fill it with whatever you want. Not only that, there is no room for errors – you can correct as much as you want.

Освен, че ни заредиха с надъхан оптимизъм и енергия (не сме имали по-усмихната MD MEETS среща), по време на разговора ни Елена, Ясен и Искрен открехната вратичката и за разширяването на портфолиото на бранда. Дълновидността им се насочва към една от тенденциите през последните години, а именно отворените офис пространства. През 2020-та компанията ще пусне официално на пазара 3 нови продукта даващи решения за актуални проблеми в интериора, мобилността и акустиката.
This is definitely the most smiling MD MEETS blitz so far. In addition to being energized from ESCREO’s productive spirit, Elena, Jasen and Iskren opened the door to expand our brand portfolio. Their vision is focusing on one of the design trends in recent years – the huge open office spaces. In 2020, the company will officially launch 3 new products that provide solutions to current problems in interior, mobility and acoustics.

ESCREO Go – a multifunctional portable module designed to be configured to meet the needs and requirements of workspaces – with a writing area, digital touch screen, acoustic insulation or partition.
ESCREO Glass – an elegant solution for representative workspaces and conference rooms. Set on the wall with concealed mounting.
ESCREO Acoustic - an acoustic partition to counteract background noise. Made of 100% recyclable material and 40% recycled row materials.

The charge of developing, creating, trying, and thinking outside the box is evident in each of their words and gestures during our meeting. Their motivation changes at different stages of development, but there is something that remains constant – the team.

ESCREO: In the beginning it was the people with whom you do something new, now it is people with whom you have been through so many things. In the beginning it was finding new things, now it is the ambition to do the same things with the same interest and curiosity. In the beginning it was the pleasure to do everything for the first time, now it is the pleasure in making progress.

Get to know ESCREO and read more about their brand story in the Winter issue of MD!

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