The Design Week events, which are well-known around the world, are not very popular in Sofia and we hope that this can be changed thanks to the increasingly diverse programme of design initiatives in the country. This is yet another reason to look forward to the first edition of BOLD DESIGN WEEK held in Sofia.
From November 25th until December 1st the visitors to BOLD Showroom had the chance to see the creations of young artists working in different areas of modern design – furniture, lighting, home and public spaces decoration, designer ceramics and tiles, home textile and graphics. BDW aims to give local designers the chance to present their products and services on the Bulgarian market. The exhibition was held alongside a number of workshops and lectures on topics like trends in working space design, smart technologies in the homes of the future, design as a counterpoint of consumerism and even food design as an experience and an incentive for communication and sharing.

Elena L Georgieva is an interior designer and founder of STUDIO L DESIGN. Participated in BDW with “Compliteness”. The materials in it are acrylic and brass. The total size of the work is 125×200 cm.

Mint Flow wall decoration by MINTY.  “A stream of intertwined and sometimes overly entangled thoughts that arise in the field of the mind, but floating far beyond it. Size: 140×100 cm, recycled cotton.

Cupid and Psyche – a collection of ceramics by Emilia Emileva. The author formally follows the structure and poetics of the mythological narrative, interpreting symbolically allegorical scenes through images on ceramic tiles. The eternal themes of love and suffering, of trust and hope, of despair and forgiveness are at the heart of the ceramic cycle. Whether these works are emotional experiences or abstract reflections on mythological narrative is of little importance. Their emotional-meaning code is a deeply personal discourse to the ancient myth of the trials of love and the power of the human soul. To make the images, Emileva uses the decalcomania technique developed in the 18th century, in which ink, paint, or another medium is spread onto a surface and, while still wet, covered with material such as paper, glass, or aluminum foil, which, when removed, transfers a pattern that may be further embellished upon.

Design pots by FORMAT

The new design week addressed both potential business partners, designers and investors, end users who are interested in the development of urban design culture, realise that there is need for more events like this one and appreciate the work of those who create. The interest in the event showed that Sofia has audience that shows interest in Bulgarian design which is a promising prospect for the future.

HELP ME and LOOP tables by Si Design Studio
Check it out what the owner of the studio, Simona Groshevska share with us about her design path in our interview with her >>>

MASHINA 2.0 lamp  на Paladim

Clima Mezzanine bottle from the eco shop of studio Designitsa
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Atelier TRION‘s recycled material hanger
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Paper lamp by IKIGAI
Watch our meeting with the creator, Desislava Yordanova in our YouTube channel 

We also remember the event and the participants with painful nostalgia, since early in this year, the creators of BOLD Showroom announced the closure of the space.
We thank Iva and Dennis for their professionalism and successful cooperation regarding BOLD DESIGN WEEK. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with this young and talented BOLD duo who will continue its professional path in the field of interior design.


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