The Publishing House

Bismar Ltd was founded in 1998. The publishing house specializes in the field of furniture and interior. “DMT – design, materials, technology for furniture and wood processing industry” magazine is the first magazine published by Bismar and is still the only one of its kind in our country. It has been published every two months with no interruption since August 1999. DMT magazine has been the sole representative of the country in the prestigious FSM international association since 2011. The print version of the specialized catalogue “Furniture and wood processing industry” was started in 2000 and was published regularly until 2011 once a year. A successful continuation of this practical publication is the online version of this catalogue, which combines the information and news section of electronic portal which was launched in 2002 and provides a huge database containing information about architects, designers, companies and products from this industry. The third publication of equal importance is the “MD furniture design and interior” magazine launched in October 2005. It is still printed regularly, though every three, rather than two months, managing to preserve its good quality and high circulation.

Bismar publishing house has assisted the pre-printing and publication of a number of books, textbooks, catalogues and other various materials related to furniture manufacturing, design and interior.