Our mission

Good design is not an end in itself, it stands out with ingenuity, artistry and rationality in the right proportions. In times of lack of values, the mission of MD magazine is to teach, educate, inspire, to be an ambassador of beauty and aesthetics in design. For more than 20 years, our team did not engage in fake luxury, did not succumb to the temptation to trade mediocrity, but continued to search and show the less prestigious, often less spectacular, sometimes less understandable but valuable design. Because we respect our readers and always strive to offer them the best presented in the most appropriate way.
What is it that we don’t do?
In turbulent times we do not frantically try to avoid the logically higher prices of the good printing house, but we kept the quality of the publication.
We do not reduce costs by laying off the team of highly qualified professionals.
We do not reduce circulations and numbers of editions throughout the year, because we realise that a “healthy” contraction leads to extinction.
We do not reintroduce ourselves into yet another online edition with a “shimmering” future in an effort to fight for survival.
We don’t fling ourselves into organising meaningless events to please a handful of people. 
What do we do?
We continue to make the magazine even more beautiful, attractive, interesting, in demand.
We expand the author’s team, add new themes and content.
We develop our online channels and social networks and boost online activities.
We build on and strengthen our partnerships with Bulgarian and foreign events, festivals, exhibitions, forums.
We activate our partnership with universities and vocational schools.
We add new projects to our portfolio. 
Why are we doing all this?
Because we love our work.
Because we want to be proud of the outcome of our work.
Because we want to do things that make sense.
Because we know that our readers trust us and we can’t cheat on them.
Because we’re focused on readers and that is why advertisers respect us.
Because we have a cause that we have dedicated ourselves to.